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Youth Empowerment

Who we are

Empowering Youth, Impacting the future

Typical Activities:

  • Community Engagement – Collaborating with stakeholders that have a track record of positively uplifting youth as well as constructing and leading community events.
  • College and Career Readiness – Providing academic services and professional development to the next generation of leaders, such as tutoring services and mock interviewing.
  • Campus Visibility – Strengthening HAULYP’s relationship with Houston Area colleges and universities to create a seamless transition for young adults after graduation. 

Yearly Events:

  • Young Professionals University (YPU) – College Readiness program for High School Students. 

Who Fits Best:

  • Child and Family Career Professionals: Having expertise in how youth and families are developing, changing and their needs is crucial to this committee.
  • Educators and Administrators: Academic professionals who can speak on trends can assist in guiding and developing impactful  programming
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