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PR & Marketing

From Voter Registration to Political Advocacy, Join Us in Making a Difference

Who we are

Empowering Brands, Elevating Visibility: HAULYP's Strategic Marketing Innovations

Typical Activities:

  • Campaign Development: Crafting comprehensive marketing campaigns that showcase HAULYP’s initiatives and successes, such as the Young Professionals University, a college prep initiative.
  • Social Media Drives: Organizing targeted social media drives to boost engagement and awareness, similar to our community supply and relief efforts.
  • Public Relations Efforts: Managing consistent and effective communication with media outlets to promote HAULYP’s events and programs, including disaster relief and community cleanups.
  • Content Creation: Producing engaging and informative content across platforms, from press releases to newsletters, promoting activities like youth mentoring programs.

Yearly Events:

  • We enhance HAULYP’s public presence through regular promotional activities, including our in-house Young Professionals University, annual Hackathon, and continuous opportunities for our members to engage in mentorship roles.
  • Media Collaborations: Partner with media organizations for extensive coverage of our major yearly events and initiatives, ensuring visibility and brand enhancement.

Who Fits Best:

  • Marketing Mavericks: Individuals passionate about using their strategic and creative skills to boost HAULYP’s visibility and engage the community effectively.
  • PR Enthusiasts: Those who thrive in dynamic environments where public interaction and media relations are pivotal, and who are eager to regularly contribute to meaningful marketing campaigns.
  • Content Creators: Professionals who excel in creating impactful, clear, and persuasive communications tailored to diverse audiences, aiming to consistently promote community involvement and organizational growth.
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