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YPU Agenda

8:00am- 8:45amVolunteer Arrival/Set Up

Breakfast in Cafeteria
9:00am-9:45amStudent/Speaker/College Fair Check-in

Breakfast in Cafeteria
9:45am-9:55amWelcome Remarks
Haulyp welcome

Outline for the day
9:55am-10:45amOpening Session: College Prep & Admissions Panel
10:45am-10:55amBreak into groups and transition to Session #1
10:55am-11:25amSession #1
11:25am-11:30amTransition to lunch
11:30am-12:00pmLunch in Cafeteria
11:50am-12:05pmSponsor Remarks

Raffle Prizes
12:05pm-12:10pmTransition to Session #2
12:10pm-12:40pmSession #2
12:40pm-12:45pmTransition to Session #3
12:45pm-1:15pmSession #3
1:15pm-1:25pmTransition to Session #4 + Snack Grab
1:25pm-1:55pmSession #4
1:55pm-2:00pmTransition to Cafeteria/Main Room
2:00pm-2:30pmThank you’s

Raffle Prizes


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