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Wage Wars: How Men and Women Negotiate Salaries (Infographic)

In July 1867 twenty whites& 150 blacks attended a Republican convention in the first biracial state convention in Houston on July 4 Houston. At the 1867 state convention, they endorsed free common schools and free homesteads from public lands for blacks and whites alike. Thus began a decades-long tradition of black Republicanism in the state.
There are 3 High Schools named after prominent African Americans: Booker T. Washington HS, Wheatley HS and Yates HS.
Texas Southern University, the 4th largest HBCU, is located Houston and was founded in 1927.
The Houston Negro Hospital was the first nonprofit hospital for black patients in Houston. The Houston Negro Hospital Nursing School, was the first educational institution for training of Black nurses in the City of Houston.
The oldest Black Baptist Church in Houston is the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, historically part of Fourth Ward. Jack Yates once served as the pastor of this church.
A 1979 United States Justice Department ruling led to nine city council members elected from districts, and five elected at large. From that ruling in 1979, voters selected the first African American for the council in 1971 for Houston.
Thelma Adele Patten Law, Houston’s first African-American female physician, was born on December 30, 1900, in Huntsville, Texas
The first Texas-based motion pictures were made as early as 1921 by a black film company, Superior Art Productions of Houston.
John Thomas Biggers moved to Houston, Texas to establish the art department at Texas State University.
Lee P. Brown was elected as Mayor in 1997. He was Houston's first black Mayor.
The City of Houston provided schools for its African-American citizens beginning in 1871
Michael Strahan, retired NFL Famer, was born in Houston, Texas and played college football at Texas Southern University


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