Born in Houston, Texas Kevin is a first generation Nigerian-American and

matriculated at Jackson State University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology,

graduating Magna Cum Laude. Relocating to the Washington, D.C. area, he began a

career as an educator, later becoming a member of the Baltimore County Fire

Department where he was required to become an expert in building construction

and architectural, structural design as it related to the science of fighting and

preventing fires. This training planted the seeds of what would become a passion for

and real estate construction and acquisition.

Kevin returned to the Houston, Texas community and founded Itima, LLC. He

holds certifications in real estate sales, structural stability, and new construction. He

has created strong marketing campaigns funneling lucrative opportunities ranging

from remodels to new home construction. His personal projects include renovations

and new construction in the Houston area as well as the acquisition of multifamily

properties in Atlanta, GA.

Kevin also works as a real estate investment consultant and agent at New

Western Acquisitions a real estate investment centered brokerage. Within this role,

he provides local investors with exclusive opportunities in Houston's extremely

competitive investment market. Assists full-time investors as well as the first time

investors looking for distressed properties regardless of exit strategy; fix and flip,

owner finance, or buy & hold. He also assists investors with financing via private or

hard money loans to take advantage of leverage and help with maximizing ROI.


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