Jordan Parker is a 26-year-old from the gateway to the west, Saint Louis, Missouri.  She is a Program Manager for a non-profit youth organization, Junior Achievement.  As a program manager, she ensures that students in Spring ISD, Tomball ISD and more are granted the opportunity to learn about what it means to succeed in a global economy. (If you’d like to volunteer, see her after the meeting.  She would LOVE to get you in a classroom -shameless plug lol) 


In Jordan’s spare time, she enjoys perusing Pinterest, completing home improvement and renovation projects, discovering her lineage and family members on and just kickin’ it!


Why HAULYP according to Jordan

I chose HAULYP because making friends in a big city is HARD. You go from so many familiar faces to knowing very few and it’s overwhelming. I wanted to create friendships and build a network in addition to developing myself professionally. With those two combined, being able to help and serve the community and getting people to join the movement is the cherry on top. Joining HAULYP is one of the BEST things I could’ve done.



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