About AJ McQueen

AJ McQueen is the CEO and President of the performing arts company Writer’s Block Inc. The Emcee, Poet, Activist, Author, and Entrepreneur has earned attention and respect for his creative interpretations at offering the world and the youth a chance at hope and real alternatives by way of sparking a challenge to action. McQueen is a Saint Louis, Missouri native, currently residing in Houston, Texas after relinquishing ties to gang-activity where his weighty and un-timely involvement almost claimed his life. McQueen was shot at the age of 15 and almost died, but with the prayers of others, AJ lived and to see another day.

McQueen answered the call to leadership and began his journey speaking on national television such as B.E.T. 106 & Park, ABC 13, News Fix, advocating against teen violence in America. McQueen participates in conferences, does appearances and music performances around the world entertaining and lecturing on reform, education, and peace. McQueen was recognized by President Obama by receiving the White House Service Achievement for his youth support and positive music. He also received the Certificate of Congressional Recognition from Congress Woman Shelia Jackson Lee, and he has received the award for Spoken Word Artist of the Year for 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.
McQueen’s book, Art of Life, signifies his on-going efforts of inspiration and engagement as that of a painter that has been given a canvas to compose a masterpiece and with readers awaiting the view of McQueen’s atmospheres of teaching and his oasis of truth.

His company Writer’s Block Association has grown to be a powerful company with its many divisions such as, Writer’s Block Publishing Group, Writer’s Block Entertainment, Writer’s Block Branding & Consulting, Writer’s Block Mentorship, and The Writer’s Block Showcase. He plans to continue to use his God given gifts to revolutionize and spark change all over the world.

About Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is a conglomerate movement of Leaders revolutionizing through the arts. We use elements of Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, and Writing to spread the gospel and to communicate our sentiments on issues affecting our society. Writer’s Block was founded in 2013 by AJ McQueen and since then has grown to be a powerful company and movement offering a platform and outlet for artists to express and to be heard. We believe that all gifts come from God, therefore through our expression we should speak truth, uplift, correct, inspire, and glorify Him in everything that we do. Writer’s Block has been featured on News Fix, ABC 13, Fox News and many other media outlets throughout the United States. The vision for Writer’s Block is to be the regiment for Artists, Poets, Writers, Emcees, Rappers, Activists, Advocates, Speakers, and Leaders that want to push the culture forward and use their gifts to spread peace, love, and truth.

Website: wearewritersblock.com


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