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The Houston Area Urban League (HAUL) was established in the Summer of 1968 by a group of professional men affiliated with the Houston Business and Professional Men’s Club. The primary reason for the development of such a program was to provide the much-needed economic assistance and job resources to the African-American community. The Houston Area Urban League focused on two major program objectives – Employment and Economic Development and Health, Welfare and Housing. In its first year, the newly formed League also addressed the issues of voter registration, job training and youth educational services.

Today, the objectives set in 1968 are still the primary focus of the Houston Area Urban League and its supporters. Three priority program areas for the 1990s – workforce development, education, housing and community services are still moving aggressively forward, and service more than 20,000 individuals annually.

The Houston Area Urban League is committed and determined to deliver positive and enduring benefits to the citizens of Houston. The agency has embarked upon an aggressive campaign to ensure that all Houstonians have an opportunity to participate fully in the benefits offered by the agency. They are reaching out to the community and helping people to improve their lives through employment, education and housing services.

Source: http://www.haul.org/about.htm


Economic Empowerment Center

The Houston Economic Empowerment Center (H-EEC) of the Houston Area Urban League works with private, public and nonprofit resources to build strong, sustainable and successful minority businesses.

Education & Youth Development

Education & Youth Development implements programs that embrace a “cradle- to -career model, preparing youth to be self-sufficient adults, while supporting parental engagement throughout their educational development years.

Health & Wellness Initiative

The mission of the Health and Wellness Initiative of the Houston Area Urban League is to promote community wellness through a holistic approach to well-being focused on preventive health care and strategic intervention through access to care resources and advocacy.

Housing Programs

Started in 1975, the goal of the Houston Area Urban League Housing Department is to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing to low-income families in the community.

Workforce Development Services

Designed to help families become economically stable, the Workforce Development department, teaches clients techniques for job search, application, interview, and employment retention with the goal of economic and family self-sufficiency. The department offers recruitment services to employers and job placement assistance to applicants seeking employment.

Workforce Training

The Workforce Training Department – provides clients certified occupational and soft skills training designed to remove employment barriers to earning livable wages. The intensive training integrates state of the art technology with customized training designed to address the skills in high demand by the Greater Houston business community.


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